Британія готова підготувати більше українських військових, ніж планувала – міністр оборони

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on Thursday, following the results of the donor conference in Copenhagen, that London is ready to ensure the training of a larger number of Ukrainian military personnel than previously planned.

This is reported  by CNN .

When asked whether Britain could train more than 10,000 Ukrainian troops, as previously announced, Wallace replied: "I think now we have an obligation to go beyond that. We will train more and for longer."

Separately, the head of the British defense department emphasized that the actions of the international community to help Ukraine "are still moving on an upward trajectory."

"There is no action fatigue. We started with basic hand weapons and discussions about whether the exercises would be provocative. Six months have passed and we are discussing how many helicopters, planes, GMLRS and HIMARS the international community has provided," he said.

Earlier, the Center reported that the conference of Northern European allies raised 1.5 billion euros for military aid to Ukraine.

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